Thursday, February 26, 2009

High power 10 years ago

As Feb. 2009 is slipping by, I found the Feb. 1999 issue of High Power Rocketry. So, what was going on in high power 10 years ago? Well, besides me getting into it.
  • Impulse Aerospace started a new branch, Rocket Vision, to sell their new line of mid-low power 'Rugged Rockets' and pads. Alas, Rocket Vision is gone. I wish I had another Mach Buster and that they had survived to release their Rotary Rocket.
  • Giant Leap was going full bore with flexible phenolic tubing, custom ring and fins, and lots of other good stuff.
  • Apogee's RockSim was at V4 and they still were selling Retro Rocket Work's 'RocketWood' kits.
  • System Solaire was advertising their SS67B-2 liquid fuel kit.
  • The October Sky movie was out and the magazine had an interview with Homer Hickam.
  • Ky 'The Rocketman' Michaelson had an article showing how he made the aluminum tail cone for the Miss Riley rocket that was featured in the movie. He later offered it on his Rocket Boy kit. I wonder if you can still buy one?
  • Launch coverage was provided for Sooner Boomer 14 and the East Coast's Roar on the Shore (RATS) VIII.
  • There was an awesome build article on Tripoli Oklahoma's V2 project. It was ~22" in diameter with the body molded from a Westwind airplane's wing tank. The motor was big for the day, an AeroTech M1939.
  • Vaughn Brothers still existed.
  • There was, last but not least, a detailed article on building a large club controller.