Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The end of rocketry as we know it - NOT

--Photo removed at the request of the owner. The source had it mis-attributed--

Every time someone does a stunt involving rockets, some sport rocketeers express concern about how the stunt will affect the general public's view of the hobby. The same has evidently happened with news of the V2 failure reenactment by Discovery Channel's Time Warp show. The reports went out that this was part of the Tripoli ROC launch, but this deserves a clarification.

This was completely separate from the launch and was not conducted by the launch host or TRA.

I personally think that this type stunt is good for the hobby, under the premise that any publicity is good publicity. The circumstances of the reenactment will be clear enough and there's nothing like a big fireball to get viewer's attention. Once you have their attention, a few might be curious to learn about this rocketry stuff. In any event, the people who like such shows probably are unlikely to view any of it negatively.

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