Saturday, February 21, 2009

Build session post-mortem

I spent my day building, talking rockets, eating, and drinking coffee and beer. Warthog was as usual a great host - thanks bro!

The following photo shows most of what I accomplished. I have now have a mostly built Estes Big Daddy. I replaced the 24mm mount with a 29mm one, added a steel fishing leader through the top ring, and a bolt through the rear ring for motor retention. This is intended to fly on the new Quest F12 motors that are due out in the Spring (hopefully, but not holding my breath). I also have a 3x29mm rocket started, also for the F12s. I used Warthog's mitre saw to cut a set of tube fins for the cluster rockets (these are hidden in the box). Finally, I cut four Lexan fins for the rebuild of my 58mm JATO bullet rocket. I found out that you need to make sure the saw is up to speed before you cut small parts that can't be easily abutted to the saw's guide. I actually cut 5 fins but one got slung into the wall. It didn't break but was cracked where the cut was started.

There were a bunch of other cool project underway by others. I'll only mention Warthog's beautiful Big Bertha upscale featuring vinyl decals from StickerShock23 and his 5.38" Quark upscale. Warthog made more sawdust than the rest of us combined :)