Monday, January 26, 2009

Financial crisis hits sport rocketry - LAUNCH magazine is taking a 'time-out'

As predicted by several people on the rocketry forums, LAUNCH mag announced today that they will be taking a two month hiatus to regroup. In a few day's they'll describe their plan for extending existing subscriptions and providing subscribers with access to on-line content.

It strikes me that the conspicuous, uncommon silence over the last month or so was likely because things were in flux and it was better say nothing than be wrong. If bankruptcy was/is even a possibility, they were probably even advised to keep quiet.

LAUNCH has actively supported sport rocketry and I wish them the best. I'm contemplating signing back up but will wait to see what their plans are. Plus, I'm not 1000% sure that my subscription is in fact over. The first one I reviewed might have been acquired at a bookstore. I can't remember.