Friday, January 30, 2009

A Bifurcation of Fireballs

Cross-posted from EMRR's Rocket Family Photo Contest (Entry #3):
Here is my mini fleet of Fireball XL5 models. The scratch-built 'papa' flies nicely on 29mm motors and the 'mama' is my Deuce XL5, which is a kitbash of the FlisKits Deuces Wild!. A paper model converted for Micromaxx is the 'baby' of the family. I recently added the 'weird uncle' that they don't like talking about. He's just too 'goony', being bashed from an Estes SS1 kit. Three of these have been reviewed, and the weird uncle is awaiting a flight test. - Papa: Fireball XL5 Mama: Deuce XL5 Baby: Matchhead XL5.