Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rockets Mag V3 I5 Dec 2008 - the 'Black Rock Edition' (updated)

I call it the Black Rock Edition because most of the enclosed material originated there: one article on the Rocket Mavericks July launch and three on Balls 17. Where else other than Black Rock will you see a full sized, full keg of beer fly?

There are two high power build reviews and teasers about LDRS 28 (to be held in Potter NY on July 2-6, 2009) and Steve Eves' 1:10 Saturn V (scheduled to fly at MDRA's Price field in the Spring).

Update: Steve Jurvetson, who certified L3 on his Nuclear Powered Sledgehammer, offers a first hand report of the Mavericks launch. Check out the crater made when a P motor embeds itself in the playa and then ignites. Yowzers!
(and congrats on the L3 Steve!)