Saturday, January 03, 2009

The (not so) big list of 2008 lists

As 2009 approaches, the 'Top 10 1 - 100 of 2008' lists will begin showing up in the ol' newsreader. This year, I will again capture them in a single post. As I update the list, I'm going to try updating the date so it pops to the top of my blog. I'll see how that works out. Now, just like in 2006, my list of lists is started with Phil Plait's top 10.

Best of 2008
Predictions for 2009
What's In and What's Out

  • The List (may ask for a log-in; I hit back and when I tried again it came up)
(I added the 'not so' to the title as I have omitted more than I added, mostly from main stream pop culture - best movies, actors, actresses, etc, etc, etc.)