Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When is doubt, slap in a 29mm mount

I generally have the philosophy that you should use the largest motor mount you'll EVER possibly could use and then adapt down. However, early in my Messer-Fo-Shizzle build, I built a 5 x 24mm mount. Surely a central 24mm composite and 4 D11/D12's should be enough power. Well, even without over building, my new 5" diameter rocket is weighing in at a pound, less chute or fins. An E18 and four D11s already sims out to a meager 179'. An F24 and 4 D11s only 185'. And an F39 and 4 D11s only 186'. It will fatten up some and may require some more powerful central SU motor. Maybe I shoulda followed my rule of thumb? Maybe something in the sim is bogus?