Tuesday, November 04, 2008

RockSim 9.0 announced

The latest Apogee Newsletter spills the beans on the new features contained in RockSim 9.0! The major upgrade is the ability to add full featured side pods, with cones, fins, motor mounts, etc. This is big! With 9.0 you'll be able to model the Titan IV, Delta 2, Bomarc, SR71, F-104 Starfighter, and Estes Orbital Transport, just to name a few. Additional cool features will include automatic scaling of designs, scaling of custom fins, automatic engine file downloads, graph zooming, and a stability overlay for the base view.

Another design that side pods will enable is boost gliders. You'll be able to add dihedral wings, engine pods and flat sticks for the booms. A future upgrade will add a neutral point calculator to make RockSim fully glider-enabled.

Finally, the base 9.0 will allow you to make the side pods invisible so you can assess stability with and without fall-away boosters, pop pods, etc. Later, an upgrade will allow them to fall off automatically during flight.

Yeah, this is big for us RockSim users.