Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, this issue arrived a mere one month after the previous issue, squashing any thoughts that the magazine may have slipped into a mode of late deliveries. I know, I know...I'm just paranoid after my experience with the old High Power Rocketry magazine.

This issues theme is DIY spying and features things like booby traps, long distance cell phone photography, covert communications and self-destructing devices. It also has a simple rocketry project - a simple G-meter and altimeter. No electronics required, just balloons, springs and weights. I'm not inclined to build one but it would be a lot of fun for a young kid. Real rocket science. There are two other things in this issue that might prove useful. The first is a hot wire foam cutter. No magic here but it reminded me that I need to scrounge a model train transformer so I can proceed with my BFR. Next, the 'Toolbox' section features a pocket-sized grappling hook that is available from County Comm. This might be useful for snagging rockets in moderately high trees. I'm not sure how often this would work, but I think I could have used it at the last NARHAMS launch.