Friday, November 07, 2008

Launch Report - 2008-13 (Red Glare V)

Location: Higgs Farm, Price, MD (Red Glare V)
Weather: mid to high 60's, calm to a light breeze
Total flights: Today - 9; YTD - 140
Total motors: Today - 11; YTD - 168

This was the fifth installment of MDRA's biannual Red Glare regional launch. As usual, I only made one of the three days. I picked Friday since it fit best with family plans and also was projected to have the best weather.

I chose a new route that incorporated back roads so I didn't have to deal with I-270/Beltway traffic during rush hour. Both directions took about 15 minutes longer than a nominal week-end trip, but I DID stop for some of that $2.0999 gas on the way home. Jerry and I got to the field and found Paul Miller had staked out a front row center spot on the flight line for himself, me, Richard and Don. Thanks Paul!

2008 has been a great rocket year. Today's weather was perfect, at least for us low- and mid-power folks. Some who wanted to scratch the waiver were hampered by a low cloud bank (Neil said it was high fog). The field was in excellent shape.

The coolest thing I saw was Steve Eves' 1:10 Saturn V, which will fly at Price in the Spring on a central 'P' motor and eight 'outboard 'N's. The construction on that beast is amazing. I also saw:
  • Daniel McCauley's full scale Hellfire. It boosted well on a L-something but suffered an early event.
  • Dan Michael's Der Red Max on an M-something. Flew and recovered well.
  • Steve Bayak's 2-finned Slightly Insane Deuce on another M. You could really hear the spin after burn-out.
My Flights
  1. Madcow AQM-37A Jayhawk on an F42-4 -The boost was straight with a little 'soaring' after burn-out. Unfortunately, the early ejection resulted in a deep divot in the balsa tail cone. I'll fill this, repair the stress crack in the wing/finlet junction (expected) and try a G-somethingoranother.
  2. Public Enemy Mini-Mojo Fatboy on a G115-6 - Instant ignition, fast boost, ejection at apogee.
  3. Thoy Snipe on three E9-4s - I used dipped Quest Q2 igniters left over from my D5's (each motor comes with 2). Nice flight with a slightly early ejection.
  4. Hat of Death on an F42 - Nice flight.
  5. Whirlygig-24 on an F24 - Great motor for the 'Gig.
  6. Semroc camo V2 on a B6-4 - Nice flight with early ejection.
  7. Semroc White Sands V2 on a B6-4 -Apogee perfect.
  8. X-20 Dyan-Soar Titan on a C11-3 - This was the day's low-light. I lost one tip-fin in transit. Next, it might have been unstable if it hadn't been so underpowered. Then, one clear fin broke. Finally, the energetic ejection proved too much for the baffled BT-60 and the motor spat. The Semroc baffle may not be suitable for a single piece of BT-60 with 24mm motors. I'll fix it, revisit the sim, and maybe go for a D12.
  9. Half-Spool Jack-o-Lantern on a D5-0/P -Nice boost with some arcing in the last bit of the flight. It fluttered slowly back down.
Oh, one thing that bugged me were those pesky floating spiders that come out on the Eastern shore this time of year. There were webs everywhere. But, all-in-all, this was a beautimous launch day!