Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I got tired of popping my top

The Hat of Death's original core had a fixed 29mm mount. Later, I built one with a 3" host mount, which has let me fly a variety of motor configurations including 38mm, 2 x 24mm, and 8 x 18mm. After the original 29mm core got fried, I rebuilt it. Unfortunately, I made it a tad too small and the core tended to fall out during recovery. I built the rim up with duct tape and it stayed in a little better. For some reason, this bugged me. I don't know why. A kludgy fix on a kludgy rocket shouldn't be a big deal. Plus, it still would occasionally come apart. Since I still have a huge slab of the pink foam, I went ahead and rebuilt the core this evening. It is now quite snug. :)