Tuesday, November 18, 2008

El-cheapo Big Daddy fix

One of my things-to-buy was some tubing so I could rebuild my core-sampled Big Daddy (seen on the right on the photo [which happens to also be to the right]). The base of the cone broke off but it was otherwise intact. The fins were perfect until I surgically removed them from the body. These are nevertheless easily fixable. So, with some tubing, I thought I'd rebuild it with an eye on Quest's 29mm F12 which hopefully will arrive in the Spring. You can get the tubing from BMS. Meanwhile, I found a piece of wrapping paper tube that fit the cone perfectly! Unfortunately, the tube is really flimsy so I gave up on it.

I recently was offered a partially-built Big Daddy by my rocket buddy Don, so my thinking changed. I decided that I'd build the kit for a single 29mm motor (mainly for use with the F12) and that the rebuild would use the junky wrapping tube. So, I took some 3" mailing tube 'coupler stock', cut it lengthwise, and removed a strip so it fit nicely inside the wrapping tube. Thus, it is double-walled except where the nose cone shoulder sits. This one will be longer and will get three 29mm mounts. I'm going to sit on this build until I see the motors since I don't have an interest, or the motor casings, to fly a rocket on three 29mm reloads. That way, if the motors are vaporware I can do something else.