Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Big a$$ rocket of the day - the Mega Cereal Bowl (pt 2)

Just in case anyone doubts the power of craft foam board, the Mega Cereal Bowl shown in the video in my previous post is mostly made from the 1/2" stuff. I hear the one in the video has a 75mm mount and the owner has a 98mm version that flew at the same launch. For those who want one, here are the plans. Well, that one is only a 54mm version. OK, OK, OK, there is some fiberglass involved. On the bigger ones some carbon fiber. Still, not bad for mostly styrofoam.

The biggest foam saucer I have is the Art Applewhite's 18" Delta, which is made from a dense foam board called Gatorboard. It flew mine twice on a 38mm J228 and a 54mm J110. Others have flown them on K's, so it is pretty sturdy itself.