Wednesday, October 01, 2008

You gotta have BALLS to fly a full keg of beer (big a$$ rocket of the day)

Steve Jurvetson continues to report on the festivities. I'll drink to that!
"We wanted to combine our two favorite things — beer and rocketry,” said Team Numb member Dave Babour. (Reno Gazette)
And now for something completely different… Team Numb comfortably launched a fat rocket on a P7000 motor to loft a full beer keg from Oregon up over a mile high.

175 lbs of beer.
60 lbs of Alumaflame solid rocket propellant (looks like gray styrofoam, but burns in a violet flame).
6,100 ft. Perfect flight.
Beer shaken, not stirred, and tapped at the landing site.

The donut stayed on the nosecone for a surprisingly long time.

Here is the launch video, with a hearty roar...
Here's another video, courtesy of bigpete3269: