Thursday, October 02, 2008

LAUNCH, Sept/Oct 2008 - the best one yet?

I haven't read it yet, but this issue looks awesome. Their web site has the contents and teasers, so I'll only point out the top few (my opinion of course).

The cover article on the HST SM4 looks awesome. A failure in the primary science data formatter has delayed the launch until next year to allow NASA GSFC to check out a spare unit. Naysayers have even questioned (again) whether upgrading an 18 year old satellite is a good idea. This will be a great article in any event.

The prolific Mario Perdue has a build article on a HD Cineroc carrier. Now, I know what I'll do with the BoosterVision cam when I win EMRR's video contest. Haha. If I win you should demand a recount :)

Finally, there are three pieces on NARAM-50. These look good even though neither I nor my rockets are in any photos.