Saturday, October 11, 2008

Launch Report - 2008-12

Location: Higgs Farm, Price, MD (MDRA ESL-125)
Weather: 60's to low 70's (maybe), wind 5 - 10
Total flights: Today - 9; YTD - 131
Total motors: Today - 9; YTD - 157

The day started badly when I had to drag my carcass out of bed. This led to several minor SNAFUs, including a cracked winglet on the Jayhawk. Don't ask and I won't tell. I would have tried an F if I had the cash to get one but was worried about trying a G71. Things got better when I didn't have a wait at the Bay Bridge tolls and then saw the field conditions. The weather was clear with mild temps and light winds that were blowing in a very favorable direction. The plowed field was clear and soft.

Other than my flights, I witnesses several cool things. Real scientists were measuring the EM from the plumes on the high power flights. If they get good results they'll attend a club meeting and present them. One medium/small rocket suffered a nozzle failure which screeched loudly and lobbed the rocket maybe 100'. It went through the RSO tent and left a small hole in the heavy plastic table. Bodies were flying out of there and luckily nobody was harmed. It just shows to go you that you need to be vigilant at launches. Finally, I got to see the successful flight #210 of Dave Weber's Tuber on an H165(?).

My Flights:
  1. Deanston Marauder on an E18-4 - The boost was nice but it flew into the chute, which stayed draped over the front of the body until it core sampled. RIP. The cone, motor mound and replaceable fin mounts will be recycled.
  2. DG&A Lazarus on an AMW ProX G185-5 - This motor used a dipped igniter vs. the typical e-match/BP slug in other CTI reloads. There was a short delay and then it ripped off the pad with some yellow flame but no noticeable smoke. Ejection was a bit late but, with the stuck landing (see photo), this flight got a perfect 10.0.
  3. Standard Cray-ARM on an AMW ProX G115-6 - This reload uses an e-match and BP slug for ignition. Fast start up, good flight.
  4. Semroc V2 (camo) on a B6-4 - Arced with the wind, which led to a long(ish) walk.
  5. Semroc V2 (camo) on a B6-4 - The wind had calmed and the boost was basically straight up.
  6. Semroc V2 (White Sands #2) on a C6-5 - A very wobbly boost with weather cocking. Good recovery.
  7. Semroc Space Plane on an A8-3 - It swooped around but basically went up. The aelerons stuck and it nose dived. No damage, I'll just repair, readjust and try again.
  8. Boot Hill on a C11-3 - This got plenty of chuckles. Nice boost with a slow opening of the 'chute. Slow, but in plenty of time. 'Coffin Lid Recovery' is 2-for-2.
  9. Hat of Death on a G77 - Always a crowd favorite.