Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jeff and Curt go big at BALLS (big a$$ rotd #2)

Photo and report via Loki Research:
September 27, 2008

Black Rock Desert , Nevada

Curt Newport and Jeff Taylor successfully launched and recovered the "Proteus 6" rocket at the Tripoli Rocketry Association's experimental rocket launch. Upon ignition, the fourteen foot tall rocket, weighing 170 pounds, accelerated to a velocity over 3000 feet per second, nearly three times the speed of sound. The solid propellant motor burned out at approximately 16,000 feet above the ground and Proteus 6 then coasted to an apogee over 70,000 feet (~14 miles up). At apogee a parachute deployed allowing the rocket to descend to a landing 2.6 miles from the launch point. The rocket was supersonic for more than 30 seconds and the entire flight from liftoff to touchdown lasted a little less than nine minutes. Proteus 6 was recovered intact and can be flown again.

"We hit a home run here," said Newport and Taylor , "The result exceeded our boldest hopes!"

“There is a lot of flight data to examine,” reports Taylor , “We have accelerometer, barometric pressure, and GPS data. At first look there are indications that apogee may have been as high as 88,000 feet, but we won’t be sure until all the data is processed. After we have gone through it, we will publish all of the flight data and our conclusions.”

“The design, fabrication, testing, and launch of Proteus 6 was 18 months of hard work,” said Newport, “I’d like to thank Jeff for his fantastic rocket motor [a P10,000] and for his contributions to the airframe design and fabrication. Thanks also go to the MDRA rocketry club for providing the launch pad and other assistance, to the Mavericks club for last minute equipment loans, and to the AHPRA club for hosting the event. I could not have done it without these dedicated people and the many others who make up the amateur rocket community.”

More Details and Photos to follow soon.....