Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jaywawk progress

OK, in between real-world activities and blogging, I've continued work on the Jayhawk.

The Cone: At the last update the holes were drilled, the cone primed with Rustoleum plastic primer, and the canards dry-fit. I painted the tip with Krylon H2O black. H2O over plastic primer should be OK, right? It covered OK but I still am not the biggest fan of the H2O paint. I then glued the canards to the dowels with wood glue then sanded them flush. The gaps were filled with Fill'n'Finsh and epoxy fillets applied. To paint the base of the cone orange, I masked the black tip and primed the base and canards with Plastikote. Primer over primer. Hmmm. Well, it seemed to be OK. Fianlly, I sprayed on Testor's Competition Orange. It too seems OK over the two layers of primer...but it developed a couple of cracks on the canards. Why there and not on the cone is anyone's guess. This should be easily fixed.

The Body: The Kevlar cord was attached to the motor mount and this was glued in with wood glue. I rounded the edges of the fins and attached them with 5-minute epoxy. I made fillets from SuperFil, which is now setting. I'm considering attaching the winglets with wood glue.