Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The great paper rocket scare

I see Wane Hill has removed his ultimate paper rocket guide from his web site (see this TRF post) due to a fear of litigation. He did this after Art Applewhite took down his free plans. Here's Art's explanation:
The construction details of the designs proviously on this page have been removed from this website because I have received several reports of people who either failed to read the instructions or completely ignored them. This has lead to unsafe flights. Fortunately none of the flights has lead to personal injury yet but I can not be responsible for a design that can maim or kill someone due to their own carelessness. These designs will remain off this website until I can be certain that the instructions will be followed. I am not sure when that will happen but it isn't worth losing my house when someone decides to sue me because they couldn't be bothered to read and follow the instructions. I apologize to those people who possess common sense. Our society protects those who lack common sense from harming themselves but it does not protect people who present new ideas.

Until a more permanent solution is found, I will accept requests for individual PDF files at rocket877@aol.com
Art Applewhite Rockets © 2008
Very sad. I wonder why free plans would be more of a concern than kits?