Friday, October 10, 2008

Goony-style Fireball XL5

This is a quick project that filled the gaps in the construction of my Madcow Jayhawk. I had taken a lot of interest in a recent TRF thread on Goony Birds, aka Goonies. I really like my Semroc Gee'Hod and began planning a Goonified version of the Fireball XL5. I have 29mm and MicroMaxx powered Fireballs and already built a kitbash version from a FlisKits Deuces Wild. I was thinking about buying the tube and cone from Semroc when along came another Estes SpaceShipOne from Michaels (with a 55%-off AC Moore coupon). It's stubby, it has a tail cone already, the nose is about right for a Fireball, and I had it on-hand. Does a Goony Bird have to be based on a Mini Bertha? On roughly equivalent form factor parts, like Semroc's? Heck, I don't know or care. This looks Goony enough for me!

Construction notes:
  • Nose, BT, tail cone and motor mount are all stock.
  • Added a steel leader to top CR for recovery attachment.
  • Side wings are the wings from two SS1's (I already had one stashed). They are paired up with a balsa strip to separate the trailing edge.
  • Side winglets and the top stabilizer are 1/8" balsa.
  • Small fins on nose are also from the SS1's. They are TTW of the cone.
  • My 1st guess on nose weight brings the weight to ~4.8 oz. A C6 isn't enough so I will have to: buy an 18mm RMS case, beg-borrow-or-steal a C5, or add a length of BT. The latter will reduce the required nose weight but will make it less Goony-like.
For now there is more priming, sanding and planning for finishing.