Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Little Joe II/LEM

After the last launch of the Little Joe II (Apollo Mission A-004, vehicle 12-51-3), NASA investigated modifying the rocket for suborbital testing of the Apollo Lunar Module. The feasibility was proven by analysis but they only got as far as wind tunnel testing. The August 1998 issue of High Power Rocketry magazine had a lengthy article on the Little Joe II by Chuck Rogers. On the last page, Chuck included a dimensioned diagram of one of the sub-scale wind tunnel models. This one had a shroud covering the LEM. I have been fascinated with this stubby, bulbous rocket. It turns out that if you scale the lower body to 4" tubing that LOC 5.38" tubing is about right for the upper body. Hmmmmm.

(ignore the colors in the image)