Saturday, September 20, 2008

Launch Report 2008-11- nuttin' bigger than a "D"

Location: Old National Pike Park, Mt. Airy, MD (NARHAMS)
Weather: 60's to low 70's, wind calm
Total flights: Today - 13 ; YTD - 122
Total motors: Today - 14 ; YTD - 148

I will again point out how great the 2008 launch season has been. I can't remember getting this many launches in a row without either rain or high winds. I feel blessed with the streak of 11.

My Flights:
  1. Semroc V-2 (xKit) on a C6-5 - The flight was a little wobbly and headed off at a steep angle so I guess this model is marginally stable on a C. A larger/longer rod may help the angling.
  2. Semroc V-2 (xKit) on a B6-4 - Nice flight with a short walk.
  3. Semroc V-2 (xKit) on a A8-3 - Underpowered but high enough to eject safely.
  4. Semroc Space Plane (xKit) in an A8-3 -It swooped back toward the ground but headed back up at about 15'. This was what you call a high pucker factor. It the it nose dived. More nose weight obviously needed. Somehow, there was no damage.
  5. Half-Ass-Tron Superroc on a C6-5 - Arrow straight flight and nice slow recovery ('chuteless).
  6. Phinagain Cruise Missile on a D12-5 - Another good flight.
  7. Boot Hill on a C11-3 - It worked! It was stable and the coffin lid recovery deployed the 'chute. The 'chute didn't fully open but there was no damage on landing or from ejection.
  8. Estes Flying Saucer (pre-Snitch) on D12-0 CHAD staged to a C6-0 - It angled over and the C6 segment was parallel to the ground. Thanks, Nick, for the C6-0 ;)
  9. Semroc Gee'hod on a C6-3 - Nice flight, fun rocket. Now piloted by Pres. Bush and Veep Cheney.
  10. Estes Paveway on a C6-5 - Good flight. The 'chute was crammed into the plastic transition by the ejection charge. Next time I'll pack the opening with wadding.
  11. Estes Cluster Bomb on a D12-5 -Good flight.
  12. Aardvark AIM 4C Falcon on a C6-5 -Headed off at a steep angle with a lot of corkscrewing. Lost.
  13. Estes Big Daddy on a D12-5 - Lucky flight #13, lawn dart, dead. Oddly enough the next flight was Jim Filler's nicely finished 'Big Jimmy'. It suffered the same fate. What a weird coincidence. (See attached photo.)