Friday, September 05, 2008

Just filling the vacuum

It's been a while since I missed a day posting. At least when I don't have a good excuse like I'm on vacation without a computer. Yesterday, it happened :eek:

Anyway, I decided to give a rundown of the minor activities underway in the Dungeon.
  1. I've built Golden Scout #1199. Finishing will probably to have to wait for Hannah to blow by. Gold paint acquired. Photo when done. Thanks again to Carl at Semroc!
  2. I'm painting my Apogee Micro V2 and its Blitzkrieg Booster to match my Semroc V2 (xKit) and Mini V2.
  3. Still searching for a pilot for the Deanston Marauder. I used a Michael's coupon to get some black Elmer's brand foamboard. Now, I'm trying to decide if I want to replace the current fins. They are replaceable.
  4. I also got a nice lightweight foam skull for another Haloweenie-themed bird. Or is that bat? Oh, whatever.
  5. I've been beta testing EMRR's new flight log management feature. Works good. Most motors in my logs now really exist (or did exist).