Friday, September 26, 2008

Extreme Rocketry #75, September/October 2008

I gave up my Extreme Rocketry subscription after I decided to try LAUNCH. I just had too many hobby mags and one had to go. At the time, Rockets had just started up and I wanted to support my local compadres in their new venture. I picked up this single issue due to the article on a steam rocket, but more on that later.

I have to say I really like the mix of material in this magazine. It has a detailed interview with TRA motor testing chief Paul Holmes, a detailed report on RocStock 2008, three tech articles, and one detailed product review. I really liked the interview feature back when I subscribed.

I did note that the tech features were not very detailed and that many of the photos are now B&W. Still, this is a good publication and is worth your consideration.

As I mentioned, I bought this issue specifically because of the steam rocketry article. I have this strange fascination with out- of- the- mainstream forms of propulsion: steam, air-boosted, and even electomagnetic rockets (yeah, yeah, yeah, the latter are projectiles not true rockets). Steve Jurvetson recently posted about a photo of an unidentified steam rocket. I really though the article would be about that one. Afterall, how many steam rockets are there, anyway? Well, it wasn't the same one, but still was interesting. Both are simple in that the heat source is an external propane burner rather than a more sophisticated in-the-tank electic heater. Simple means I can add this to my list of fantasy projects. Unfortunately, these projects typically add up in cost and require tools like a metal lathe, which keeps them in the fantasy category.