Monday, August 04, 2008

What I'm building/painting post NARAM

Backdraft - I added a short piece of brass tubing in the nose cone's fuse hole and coated the surrounding area with JB Weld. I then filled the balsa with Fill 'n' Finish and am painting the cone. While the paint may suffer, the tube and epoxy should protect the underlying balsa from the fuse. I'm going to paint the cone and fins yellow and the body red. Hopefully, a bright color will help in tracking in the pre-retro free fall. I'll probably also add some vinyl trim.

I'm building the insensitive and probably politically incorrect Semroc Geehod. This Goony is a parody on idiots who think violence, often against innocent victims, is a holy course of action. What mainly drew me to the kit was the RPG-styled dorsal fin, not any political statement. I may temper (add to?) its incorrectness by replacing the pilots' images with those of certain US leaders. We'll see.

Once painting the desert sand background on the Geehod, I'm going to paint my mini-V2 and then continue with a camo-paint job. The mini-V2 is one of my most-flown rockets and has been nekkid for far too long.

I'm still pondering the grid fins for my nonami rocket. Should there be three separate fins or should I make it a full ring? Hmmmm.

Photos of the above will be posted when paining is complete.