Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rockets Magazine, Volume 3 Issue 3 - bigger and better

It's bigger: This issue is the first in the expanded 64 page format (up from 48). It's better: There are 6, count 'em 6, non-launch report articles. I like hearing about what's flying around the country and especially like seeing reports of launches I've attended. However, I like tech and build articles more.

This issue has a short article on Steve Eve's huge Saturn V and a second on the public unveiling of this behemoth. There is also a lengthy build/flight article on Christopher Prinzi's 'small' Polecat Saturn V, which snagged him his Level-3 cert. There's another build article on Performance Rocketry's dual deploy Little Dog and a detailed 'how-to' on building a carbon fiber fin can. I even like to learn how to build stuff I will never build.

For me, the most entertaining article is David Chance's saga detailing how he located and recovered his Amraam 3 from some 70' up in the trees. David's an MDRA member and may be the world's biggest expert on high altitude recovery :)

The one and only launch report provides the usual excellent coverage of Summer Skies 2008 in Brothers, Oregon.

Good show guys!