Saturday, August 02, 2008

NARAM Live Friday Update

NARAM is done and more photos from the last day are posted. Here's the recap of my favorites:
  • There are lots of nice scale models throughout. I liked the Saturn 1B on the bottom two rows of page 2 and the Talos on row 4 on page 3.
  • Page 3, row 12 on the left show my XFLR-7 coming down without 'chute. The top of the body is tough for a paper model as it wasn't damaged.
  • The bottom few rows of page three and top of page four has a sequence of Chris's camera rocket getting toasted. I'm sorry it happened but once it did you might as well enjoy the photos. I think he may have lost or destroyed four cameras during the week.
  • Page 5, row 2 on the left and row 3 on the right shows an awesome X7 model (shown to the right). It's also the last shot on the last page.