Thursday, August 07, 2008

More on the 3/48 "no mixing" rule

The February 1989 American Spacemodeling sheds more light on the "no mixing" 3/48 rule that was in existence then. That rule said NAR members had to provide 3 mile or 48 hour separation between sanctioned and non-sanctioned flights.
  • The rule was there for public image and liability concerns.
  • 'F' motors were the largest certified at the time.
  • After 30 years, the complete prohibition against NAR members participating in anything but 'model rocketry' was lifted in August1987 and was replaced with "no mixing." Model rocketry was, and is defined by the weight of the model, the size of the engine(s) and adherence to the safety code.
  • Originally, the NAR only had to distiguish between commercial and home made motors. In the 1970's that changed.
I also noticed the North Coast Rocketry catalog order form was clipped from the May 1989 issue. By the end of that year, I had a Big Brute and F25 motors. However, the Big Brute wouldn't eat a G motor for almost 10 more years.