Saturday, August 30, 2008

LDRS status and history

LDRS 27 is underway and Rockets Magazine is busy documenting the event. They are uploading a small sample of the photos taken (link is for day 2 but you can navigate backwards and forwards). You also get a real-time scoreboard of the mach madness event.

From the latest LDRS to the first, a TRF member pointed out that Chris Pearson, organizer of LDRS 1, has a web page on the early history of the event. At LDRS 1, 'H' and 'I' motors were the big dawgs of HPR.

As a personal observation, when I re-entered the hobby for the second time around 1999, 'M' motors were a treat at MDRA launches. Now, 'M's are common and you often see 'N's and 'O's. It seems 'P's (alone of via clustering) are now the highlights at Price, MD. Now, the big dawgs of the hobby eat those for lunch and have eyes for something bigger.