Saturday, August 23, 2008

Deanston Marauder at 90%

I've made lots of progress:
  • Fin design tweaked
  • Cockpit body installed
  • Painted inside and out (mostly)
  • Pop rivets installed to hold foam board fins in frames
  • Inner body glued in
  • Clear part of cockpit dry fit for photo op
To do:
  • Finish painting nose cone
  • Install baffle
  • Figure out trim/decals
  • Figure out inside of cockpit and/or pilot
  • Wipe off the dust
I will also go back and check stability. From there I may build new foam board fins or add nose weight. It would be nice if the fin size could stay the same. The ones I have were prepared hastily but since fin replacement is a feature, not a bug, I'd like to use them for flight #1.