Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coffin rocket

Well, here's the coffin rocket. The 24mm tube terminates on a plywood plate that plugs the whole inside when the top is closed. There may be a leak so I'll fill the lower part of the 'chute compartment with dog barf. I inserted a spent casing in the top of the tube to give it strength where the vent hole is. The charge should push the lid open and hopefully the laundry will come out. I attached a piece of elastic and Kevlar twine to keep the top from fully opening. I'm also going to use a thin strip of tape on the top to keep air from the joint. Note to self: Unhook the latch before flight.

Possible names:
  • Boot Hill
  • Cheap Pine Box
  • Don't say Coffin to an Old Person
I'm thinking about writing stuff on the blank side of the fins. Possibilities:
  • Simple sayings like Died with his boots on, Killed by Apaches, etc.
  • Epitaphs for real-life gun slingers John Wesley Hardin, William Bonney, and Jesse James
  • Epitaphs for some of my dead rockets