Friday, August 29, 2008

Bow before my superiority

EMRR's latest blog post notes that he has generated a script to sort the reviews/articles by top contributor. I've been busy this year and for a while thought about hitting 200 by the end of the year. However, upon further review, I think that's out of reach for several reasons. I'm on the downhill slope of the flying season with other committments and cool weather coming. Even if I build, I'll have less opportunity to fly (and I don't like submitting reviews without a flight report). Next, my workbench is relatively empty. I have three built but unflown projects that could yield four reviews. Unless, of course, I experience some of that agony of defeat. Those four, with the other review possibilities that I know of, will likely bring me to a mere 184...well shy of 200. There may be a couple of more in me, but not 16! But still, I did my part this year. By my tally, I've increased EMRR totals by 31 this year.

OK, before anybody decides to point out the obvious, the number of reviews I have is not driven by superiority as much and an obsession with the hobby and an anal-retentive need to document stuff. I also have to recognize Art Applewhite, whose products have directly resulted in 7 of the 31 and indirectly to another.