Thursday, July 03, 2008

There's progress, oh yes, there's progress

On my Landshark 2.0, that is. My cockpit section is painted and ready to go on. I'll have to fill the edges with SuperFil and this area will be touched up when the body is painted. The tail area with all the tubes has been painted. I ran out of Testor's gold so I used Rustoleum Hammered Gold. I love the Hammered paints and will be using Hammered Black for the body. I don't know why I like them so much, but I do. That being said, I'm not sure the Hammered Gold will give the look I wanted on the tail. If not, it is tough luck for me. One gotcha with the slightly textured Hammered paints is they remain textured if you paint over them. And sanding all those closely packed tubes would be the best. Oh well.

I want some sort of gold or yellowish stickers or decals for the dorsal fin but haven't figured out what this will be. Again, since the black will be textured I'm not sure how a sticker will adhere. Finally, I don't know if the nose should be black or gold.

No other new builds in progress, but I did restore, albeit in a slightly different configuration, my DC Pod Racer (now just DC Racer). It isn't finished great, but it will fly again. I also painted my Mirror Image dual Shuttle pop-pod rocket, which until now has just been solid white. It now has some black rings and trim, a copper nose section, and a few stickers, including one adverising the Dungeon. Finally, I'm putting some gold LASER sticker material on the small fins on my Ringer. The rest of the rocket is so nice and smooth but I didn't do a great job on the small fins (was rushing at the end).

Photos of Landshark 2.0 later, of the others on launch day.