Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quest NARAM freebies

When I registered for NARAM, I got a big bag of stuff from the NAR. A patch, a pin, and a bunch of informational fliers and packets. This wasn't really free since I paid $25 for a week of flying. But, Quest also provided a packet. It included 6 Q2 igniters (not the same as what comes with the D5's so my nomenclature is off somewhere), a 14" chute, a streamer, some wadding, a pack of MicroMaxx RTF's, a couple of tech reports, an altitude tracker kit, a hand toss glider, a rubber band powered helicopter and a 'Flics' rubber band powered rocket. The igniters, wadding and chute is useful for us LPR types. The MicroMaxx might be worth an engine each. But those other things should make for a lot of fun for those staying over in the motel (BG).