Sunday, July 27, 2008


Chris Taylor has Saturday's photos and videos up on his NARAM Live! site. No photos of my rockets, however. Highlights:
  • Several photos of Micromeister's Micro Wonder Works (middle of page #1)
  • Vern Este's Big Bertha #1 that was built in the '60s (page 2, 2nd to last row on the right and last row on the left). Flew nicely, of course!
  • Bill Stine's rocket, built by G. Harry in 1958 (page 2, 2nd to last row on the left)
  • Lee Piester's Screaming Eagle from NARAM 14 (page 2, last row on the left and page 3 on the top)
  • John McCoy's (Micromeister) Mercury Redstone from 1973 (page 3, row 3 on the left)
  • Page 3, Row 5 and 6 has a unique rocket from Kopter Rotary Recovery Rockets. It is a boost glider and a helicopter. Both parts worked great.
  • Steve Humphrey's Flying Stovepipe (page 3, row 7 on the left). Flew poorly, looked cool.
  • A bunch of photos of Scott Branche's upscale RC Mach 10 in the middle of page 6. I missed the flight but it looked awesome on the bench.
  • Ben's 2x G20-powered Deuce's Wild! on the bottom of page 6. One motor lit slowly, binding the rocket on the rod, plus 40 N average thrust seems low for this rocket. Still waiting to load the video. It must be popular this morning!
On a separate note, my camera died half way through the day too :(