Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MDRA ESL-122 photo gallery

The photo gallery is being populated. Captions are not there yet, so here's a list of my rockets. Top to bottom by author:

By Chuck Rudy:
  • Hat of Death video (OK Chuck's got the caption covered)
By Craig Zicafoose:
  • Row 1 2nd from right: Killer Bee
  • Row 1 far right: Killer Bee
  • Row 2 2nd from right: 58mm JATO
  • Row 2 far right: Hat of Death
  • Row 3 far left: Hat of Death
  • Row 5 2nd from right: Killer Bee
  • Row 5 far right: Ringer
By yours truly:
  • My fleet
  • The Ringer eats dirt