Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Launch Report 2008-8 - NARAM 50, Day 4

Location: Great Meadows, The Plains, VA (NARAM-50)
Weather: High-80s and humid, wind calm to mild
Total flights: Today - 10 ; YTD - 88
Total motors: Today - 11 ; YTD - 109

I got back out to the field today (Wednesday). In an earlier post, I mentioned my digital camera died about mid-day on Saturday. I didn't think I'd replace it this quickly, but my wife had pity on me. I was pretty bummed that I'd go through two more days at NARAM without one. I got a Panasonic DMC-TZ5, with 10x optical zoom and a big 3" display. I'll upload today's photos to my OurPlanet page shortly. Here is one shot of myself and Vern Estes:

Having tables for the fliers is a wonderful feature. I would prep a few rockets and then make the trek to the sport range. On Saturday, we sport fliers flew from the close range, which thereafter was dedicated to contest flying. The range setup allowed for continuous flying so there was very little delay from check-in to launch. And with mild winds, recovery wasn't a problem either.

My Flights:
  1. PML Small Endeavour on a G64-5 - Great flight but the rail angle made it head towards the sport range. It actually landed well on the other side. Not a bad walk from the flier's tent.
  2. Lime Stiletto on an E9-6 - Nice flight with ejection just as the nose tipped down.
  3. SpaceShipSqrt(-1) on a D12-5 - High flight. There was some melting/warping on the plastic tail cone.
  4. SpaceShipY on a C11-3 -Ejection was apogee perfect.
  5. Deuce XL5 on two C6-5s - I used the spare Q2 igniters from a pair of D5s. With their flexible leads, these were easy to set up. However, one motor lit late so it headed off at a steep angle. However, both did burn.
  6. Semroc V2 (new xKit version of Estes K-22) on a B6-4 -I haven't flown this rocket design since the early '70s. Fast flight with what looked like an early ejection. But there wasn't so much as a smile on the balsa cone :)
  7. Art Applewhite Stealth D5 on a D5-P - This flight had a wicked spin and you could hear the buzz after burn-out. It spun so fast that the D5 burned though near the nozzle like what is seen on monocopters. The inside of one side was sprayed with residue but wasn't damaged. Awesome!
  8. Little Joe I paper model conversion on an A10-3 - High flight with recovery ~5' from the pad.
  9. Der V3 on a D12-5 - Good flight on this semi-vintage kit (it's around 20 years old).
  10. Talk Radio water bottle odd-roc on a D12-5 - Funny rocket, good flight.