Saturday, July 12, 2008

Launch Report 2008-6

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD (MDRA ESL-122)
Weather: High-80s, humid and hazy, wind 5-10 mph
Total flights: Today - 6 ; YTD - 66
Total motors: Today - 12 ; YTD - 85

This was yet another great launch day. I can't believe this is 6 perfect days in a row. Once again, the Bay Bridge traffic was light so I got to the field way early and helped set up. That was a good thing since several of the regulars were out of town for the public unveiling of the 1:10 scale Saturn V that Rockets Mag is sponsoring. Slackers :) Skycopp provided me shade and rocket discussions. Thanks David!

My Flights:
  1. Landshark 2.0 on a G76-6 - Excellent flight. Everyone liked it but thought it should have a Batman-themed name.
  2. 58mm JATO on a G77-8 - Nice flight but broke a fin. Body tube and fins all need replacing.
  3. Ringer on a G71-5 - Another nice boost but no ejection. See attached photo. Will rebuild.
  4. Killer Bee on a G64-7 - Nice up and down.
  5. Hat of Death on an F38R - Missed the flight but it appears the reloaded LMS performed nominally as expected. There was a little blow-by around the plastic threads. It appears the bottom of the much used plastic forward closure was damaged, which let the gasses by. No problem in the Hat, but it might have affected the flight if there was a delay and ejection charge loaded. Lesson: inspect the closure prior to each flight and don't use it 4 times.
  6. Motor Eater (modified Estes Fat Boy) on 3 C6-7s and 4 C6-Ps - Nice high flight and a long walk. A full load of C's is the way to go on this rocket!