Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Dungeon on NARAM Live!

Chris was at the sport range on Tuesday during some of my flights and caught a few of my rockets. A lot of the photos are missing so I don't know if others of mine will pop up. If so, I'll update this list. The photo, above, is my Der V3.
  • Page 1, row 2 on the left shows me carrying a handful out to the pads. That's Paul M. and his wife next to me.
  • Page 1, row 4 on the left has me snapping a shot of my Deuce XL5.
  • Page 1, row 5 on the right shows my Deuce XL5 boosting on one motor. The other has ignited but is not up to pressure yet.
  • Page 2, row 5 on the left is my partially painted Semroc V2 (Estes K-22 clone).
  • Page 3, 2nd row from the bottom on the right and bottom row on the left shows my Estes Der V3 boosting.
A few others that I recognize and deem noteworthy are:
  • Page 1, row 7 on the right and row 8 on the left shows Jim Flis' upscale USS Grissom. Cool CHAD staged flight!
  • Page 1, row 9 on the left show Richard Hickok prepping his Paveway III. On row 12, you can see the boost.
  • Page 2 row 2 on the left shows Richard's famous Bender.
  • Page 2 row 7 on the left show Richard's upscale of a Shrox kit (I think).
  • Page 3, 2nd row from the bottom and next to my Der V3 is Richard's Warthog boost glider. In suffered a wicked lawn dart.
  • Page 4 on the top shows Jack Hagerty blowing one of his rocket up. Literally. There are a bunch more photos of flight on this page.
  • Page 5 row 8 on the right and 9 on the left shows Scott Branche's cool R/C Mach-10 upscale.
  • Page 6 row 3 has 2 photos of another of Richard's scale creations.
  • Page 6 has more of the inflatable rocket.