Monday, June 23, 2008

More buildin' wit whut I got...

After my first building frenzy in a long time (16 additions to the fleet), I'm moving on to my pile of parts and am reworking some existing birds. These are in various states of maturity:
  1. Rebuilt Landshark 2.0 - shark fins recovered from the HPR Landshark 1.1, 3" dia., mailing tube, 29mm, possibly with 24mm boosters, need a 3" cone.
  2. Rebuilt DC Pod Racer, now the DC Racer - removed the pods, in process of refinishing, now a lot more 4FNC.
  3. Unnamed #1 - Made from another scotch whiskey casing (I really don't drink that much, these were amassed over several years...and I had help.). The idea is secret as I'll be stealing most of the basic design from a EMRR Box O' Parts entry that I saw this past weekend. Needless to say I liked it!
  4. Unnamed #2 - I have the original nose cone from the Landshark 1.0 and want to do something with it. Maybe a cone rocket with some fin augmentation. Some surgery has been started.
  5. Reworking the nose of my The Launch Pad Rapier - The paper nose tip was sturdy but was non uniform as a few spots collapsed. So I removed the tip and am re-finishing the plastic cone.