Saturday, June 21, 2008

Launch Report 2008-5

Location: Old National Pike Park, Mt. Airy, MD (NARHAMS)
Weather: Low 90's, clear, wind calm
Total flights: Today - 14 ; YTD - 58
Total motors: Today - 16 ; YTD - 71

Wow, what a day! The weather was perfect. It was toasty, but we had FREE BOTTLED WATER courtesy of GKN Aerospace (also TARC sponsor). Tom Ha ran the launch and made sure the water was cold. The launch was attended by two NPR interns who were taking photos and recording interviews for a summer project. I was interviewed and am looking forward to seen what comes of it. The only bad part of the day was that I forgot my camera.

My flights:
  1. Golden Scout on an A8-3. I used a 3/8" tape thrust ring. I could have sworn that I checked stability with this overhang. Evidently, I didn't.
  2. Golden Scout on another A8-3. Good flight and recovery. No thrust ring this time. I used a cardboard shim and it tumbled as it was supposed to. There was more scorching on the fins and some around the vents.
  3. Phinagain Cruise Missile on a D12-5. Good flight with apogee perfect ejection.
  4. Art Applewhite 13mm Helix on a pair of A3-4. Cool flight.
  5. Art Applewhite 18mm Helix on a pair of A3-4. Cooler flight.
  6. Shrox SHX-15 on a C11-3. Hardly saw it as it went right for the sun.
  7. SpaceShipY on a C11-3. Nice boost but the Kevlar strap on the nose broke loose. No damage.
  8. SpaceShipSqrt(-1) on a D12-5. Nice flight with apogee ejection. It did angle over so it landed in a field beyond the close stand of trees. Not a bad walk but I had to transverse a field of chest high grass. I will check and double check for ticks.
  9. Talk Radio on a D12-5. Excellent flight with apogee ejection.
  10. Nonami 24mm monocopter on a E9-4. Great flight but it had the mutha of all burn-throughs - over 1/4" x 1/8". It charred the motor tube a bit. I wish someone had taken a video because you could clearly see the burn-though in flight. Near the end of the burn, you could see burning particle flung out. The particles looked similar to what you see when a -0 motor burns though in a saucer.
  11. Hat of Death on a G77-P. The awesome red flame got their attention :)
  12. X-15 PMC on a MicroMaxx-II. This hog hit about 15' and landed about 25' downrange.
  13. Micro Bomarc on a MicroMaxx-II. An identical flight profile to the X-15.
  14. Fireball XL5 on another MicroMaxx-II. Nice straight flight to about 25'.