Friday, June 27, 2008

Launch Magazine, May/June 2008: better late than never

This issue of Launch Magazine arrived terribly late. After realizing it was over a month late, I emailed the publisher. I received a prompt response indicating that there was a publishing glitch and I should get it any day. After a week or so, the problem surfaced on TRF and with the help of Mario Peurdue, a frequent contributor, the offer to send replacement copies was made. Considering the delay, I wasn't shy and asked for one. Another prompt response and after a few days a copy arrived. I don't know if I'll get a second copy, but if I do I'll donate it to a non-subscriber. The good news: their customer service is prompt and it's a good issue. The bad: all the calendar items have come and gone and I had no shot at the free DVDs :(

I didn't add the page count this time, but the 'space' content takes up more space than the sport rocketry content. But, still, there are several nice sport rocketry items. Mario has a build article on Ares I and V scale models. I stand in awe of his building skills and learned that you can keep your paper transitions round by inserting and inflating a balloon. There's also a good interview with Bill Stine and a short piece on NASA's Student Launch and University Student Launch Initiatives (SLI/USLI).