Monday, June 30, 2008

Landshark 2.0 progress

The fins are on, the recovery harness is in, and the tail tubes are all mounted. The tail-end sports 6 18mm tubes, 3 13mm tubes, a First Fire igniter tube, and a threaded standoff. The standoff (covered in tape) will provide motor retention and the First Fire tube was added for symmetry. In fact, all that's left is more sanding/priming and a cover for the 'through-the-wall' shock cord attachment. I've previously used a plastic ornament cut in half to cover the cord attachment. For this one, I have something fancier planned but don't want to say more until I know how it will work out. Oh, yeah, I also need to buy a cone and figure out a paint scheme.

(P.S. - It looks like Blogger is uploading again...but you'll still have to go to the Cosmic Log to see PlanetSpace's Silver Dart.)