Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tarkus II one step forward and one step back

I got my Lexan sheet, cut it, slot it, and drilled it. I think this is ready for final installation after the rest is painted. I've decided to mount 2 D12 casings near the front of the fore body to use as ballast containers. I'm currently plugging the nozzle-ends with Fill'n'Finish. Once sanded, they'll be glued on. The front will remain open for now.

It was too windy to paint yesterday in general, but I did start the nose cone since much of the decoration was inside work. I shot a coat of Model Masters lime green on the primed cone (I forget the actual name of the color). My general idea is to make it light green with yellow accents (cockpit windows, or whatever) to match the pod on the tip of the clear stabilizer. I decided to leave this in its natural color since I would have to buy paint (Rustoleum plastic finish, or Krylon H2O, or the like) just for this one piece.

The nose looks nice in that color. I'm thinking of transitioning to another color on the fore body and painting the half-oval balsa spar the same lime green. The pods will also be lime green and the front 'cones' would be painted yellow using brush-on paint.

So....I also wanted to make the cone styled like a snake. Although not a snake, I keep going back to the Tarkus album cover for inspiration.

I punked out and used stickers and trim Monokote for the details. Well, the results look more like Puff the Magic Dragon or Cecil (or was the Beanie?) than the front end of a space ship. I'm not sure I want to record this looks, so no photos for now. I think I'll continue the finishing work on the rest and then decide. Until it flies once, it may not be worthwhile to change it.