Monday, May 19, 2008

Tarkus II next steps

I cut a bulk plate for the base of the nose cone. I haven't attached it but am pretty sure that I don't want to add the nose weight in the cone. If it turns out heavy, it will land harder and since I'm not glassing the foam, that wouldn't be good. I'm thinking about adding any needed weight in tubes, possible spent 18mm motors, on the bottom of the leading edge of the fore body.

To help with stability, I'll be adding a Lexan plate at the base of the current clear stabilizer. It will be notched to fit around the stabilizer and will be screwed to the dowels that support the stabilizer. These in turn are epoxied to the top curved wing where it passes through the aft body. I'll attach this after all finishing is done.

I don't think I can model this design and don't want to swing it. I may set the CP based on my Estes Starship Enterprise. Heck, I don't know.

Finishing will start on the first sunny calm day, using the prime, sand, repeat methodology.

I have some thoughts on the painting...but this is TOP SECRET.