Thursday, May 08, 2008

Single Malt is aging

My last addition may be making this rocket more look like it came out a Roadrunner cartoon than a Star Trek film. I'm referring to the green plastic doohickey. For some reason, I really like that shape and when another made itself available, I decided to add it on. It's mounted on a piece of Lexan, which is sandwiched between two dowels and epoxied to the main wing where it passed through the body. I also added the black nozzles. They are display nozzles from some kit and fit in 13mm tubing centered in the 24mm nacelles.

Next step: figure out the fore body and nose cone.

Problem being faced. The seems to be sufficient fin area when viewed from the side. However, there isn't much when viewed in the other plane. This will have to be corrected somehow.