Friday, May 09, 2008

Single Malt fore body concept finalized

I have decided on a design for the fore body. I'd been floundering then - poof- if all came together. I'll use a 3" mailing tuber, or part thereof. It will be offset on the rear body rather than centered and will be bonded to both the cap and the BT-60 that extend through the cap. I'll have to plug the half moon shaped gap in the lower rear of the tube. The details of the attachment may change.

The 'eureka' moment was when I realized that if I flipped my cockpit-style nose cone over and tilted it down, it looked exactly like what I wanted! I slipped it over some 3" coupler and twisted the coupler so it dug into the foam just a bit. I'll take a photo later. It's currently in the Dungeon with glue and filler drying.