Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rockets Magazine - Volume 3, Issue 1

David Chance recounts his visit and launch in far away Gothenburg, Sweden. After seeing his David's TRF post about his pending trip to Stockholm, Swedish rocketeer Per Karlsson invited him to visit and fly. Very cool story, David!

It also has coverage of the Florida Winter Nats and AirFest13. The big dog in Florida was Derek Deville's P11000 powered Black Dragon (seen on the cover and in one of my Big A$$ Rocket of the Day posts) and, in Kansas, the leader of the pack was the Kevin Trojanowski-team's huge P9200-powered Mercury Redstone.

The final two pieces are an overview of Team Ohio Rocketry and a history of the now defunct Whitakers, NC launch site. The latter brought back nice memories of two TRF Reunion Launches.