Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pogo overnight update

Attached is photo of the progress to date (click to see details). Motor mount, internal stuffer, wings all on. The blue on the tail end is SuperFil. I filled the area between the body and the tube and a section of the upper stabilizer that I cut too much off of. I also bent the end of the retainer so it wouldn't keep the rocket from sitting flat. What good is a tail-sitting aircraft if it won't sit on its tail?

Next up are the 13mm mounts:

Should they be above the wing or below? Above would allow them to be up against the body and the surface is flatter. Closer to the body would be stronger, help with stability if the motors don't light evenly and keep the igniters close. Below looks better.

How to attach them? I'm thinking about using epoxy and drilling holes in the wings to form glue rivets.

Other minor progress: I removed some of the nuts from the nose assembly and replaced them with small washers. These provide more resolution in the spacing of the components. I also painted the nose section flat black with yellow tips on the rotors. Finally, I painted the pilot and his chair. They'll be added after the body is painted.

(egads, another misspelled title that is eternally frozen in the post's URL)